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Februari 2019

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   Pub - RefinedWiki
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    The Saga of an Elevator and a Limer
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Från: 1 februari 18:00   Till: 3 februari 16:00
D-sektionens traditionsenliga lanparty
Plats: iDét
Pris: 20kr
Mattias "meklund" Eklund, LANparty-ansvarig (lanpartyansvarig[kanelbulle]dsek.se)
Kategori: lanparty
Arrangör: D-sektionen
Hemsida: http://geekend.se
Pub - RefinedWiki
Från: 20 februari 18:00   Till: 20 februari 22:00
Företagspub med RefinedWiki
Joel "helt OOrimligt Pyython" Jonsson, Näringslivsansvarig (industrim[kanelbulle]dsek.se)
Arrangör: D-sektionen
The Saga of an Elevator and a Limer
Från: 28 februari 17:30   Till: 28 februari 20:30
🌟The Saga of an Elevator and a Limer🌟

How is an elevator programmed? And is lime tr(ain)ee a citrus fruit? If the thought of how to transport 15 people in 60 seconds has ever kept you up at night, this is an event for you! Come and visit our Lime office in Lund on the 28th of February for some fun coding, exciting games, yummy food, and chill drinks.

During the evening, we´ll also tell you a bit about our awesome graduate trainee program and what it’s like to work at Lime.
Does it sound fun? We hope so! Because we really want to meet girls, women and non-binary who share our interest in coding, and tech in general, and have a twinkle in the eye.

At Lime, we love CRM!
We create customer magnets with help of easy-to-use CRM solutions that we develop, consult and support ourselves. Today we are over 220 colleagues and one of the largest CRM suppliers in the Nordic countries with offices in Lund, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, and Copenhagen. We are extremely passionate, and we usually say that the only thing we take seriously is our customers. Still interested? Great!

Website: http://www.lime-technologies.se

📍Date: 28/2 -19
Time: 17:30 - 20:30
Place: Sankt Lars Väg 46, 222 70 Lund
Language: English
📌Sign up before 21 February 2019
🌟Guidelines for participation: You have to be a DataTjej member and identify as female or non-binary. It's both free of charge and easy to become a member: [Medlemskap i DataTjej]
🌟Link to registration: https://datatjej.se/events/
Plats: Sankt Lars Väg 46, 222 70 Lund
Pris: Free
Alice Berggren (al5028be-s[kanelbulle]student.lu.se)
Intresseområde: Evenemang
Arrangör: D-Chip
Hemsida: https://www.facebook.com/events/340562960127478/

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